Trends for Online Hotel Marketing in 2013 – The Way Forward

Hotel promotions are a significant tool of online hotel marketing. With the tangent dividing search and social blurring and dissolving day by day, online hotel marketing is now something every hospitality organization adopts.With the 2013 Q1 almost over, we bring you a list of online hotel marketing trends that could boost up your business big time and help you stay top on a lot of things.Photo sharing platforms:Photo sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram were booming in 2012 and will continue to do so the current year as well. Visually appealing and high quality photos help aid your marketing strategy. People use more and more graphics because they want to let their friends know where they are and what fun they are having. Hence, photo sharing is a great opportunity to make your online presence felt by way of word-of-mouth. Visually appealing photographs do make for great investment for your business and brand.Direct Bookings:Online bookings are fast increasing in importance and usage. More and more people today use the hotel’s website to book their stay. Just make sure your website has fresh online content, a hassle free online booking system and an updated deals and promotions section.Online Reviews:Posting reviews online is convenient and helps a brand get a know-how on its ranking. One of the most important factors in travelers’ decision making process, online reviews help rope in more potential customers. Also, replying to a review on a regular basis helps as well. In addition, keeping the tone of voice subtle and positive while answering a negative or an aggressive review is helpful.Video Marketing:Recent studies have demonstrated that around 66% of people who watch videos are the ones planning for a trip and 43% people watch videos while deciding on an accommodation. With the percentage of people uploading, watching and sharing videos online at an all time high, online video is and will be an effective marketing tool this year. Also, videos have a positive effect on organic SEO. Keeping it simple, a hotel video, most importantly, must capture the look and feel of the hotel and show the attractions of the area.Content Marketing:How many times have we heard the adage, ‘Content is King?’ Content marketing is and will continue to be one of the marketing megatrends. Social media supports SEO. Blogs and articles, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and G+, allow you to interact, communicate, and get in touch with your loyal customers as well as the potential ones.Mobile Trends:Hotel marketers need to focus on ways to capitalize on mobile applications in 2013 as social media and mobile have already become inseparable.

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