How to Make Your Honeymoon Special With Flights, Limos and Hotel Upgrades

Once your wedding is over, it is time to relax on the honeymoon. The wedding is an amazing day, but it will have taken a lot out of you and your new husband or wife. Weddings take a lot of organization and there is always a certain level of stress involved on the day, just in case something goes wrong.Therefore, once the wedding is finished, you will want to spend some down time with your new husband or wife, where you feel completely relaxed and can enjoy being married without having to worry about anything.You are likely to have already booked the honeymoon, so this article is not to give you tips on a good destination; it is about making the trip special once you arrive. There are things that you can do to make the break special, no matter where you are in the world.FlightsOnce you have booked the trip and you know where you are going, you should inform the airline that you will be on your honeymoon. This is because if there is any room on the flight, they will upgrade you and this will make your experience better.This means that you will be in 1st class, with better seats and better food and drink. If you are only on a short flight, then it might not be worth it, but do it anyway. Everyone likes an upgrade. A few hours of luxury is always better than a few hours in economy. If you have a long flight ahead of you, then you should definitely see if they could upgrade the flight.This will make you more relaxed and it will mean that you are starting the honeymoon off on a high note. You will feel pampered when travelling can sometimes be stressful. You won’t feel as cramped in 1st class either.TransfersWhen you arrive at the destination airport, you will probably have a long wait to get through customs and then to get your bags from baggage claim. You won’t want to be waiting around for a cab, or a bus, to get you to your hotel.Therefore, you should organize for a limo service as your transfers. If you do this, the driver will be waiting for you at arrivals when you walk through the gate. There will be no waiting around.You can start the last leg of your journey in the lap of luxury. The driver will even help you with your bags so you don’t have to worry about carrying them on and off the bus.If you are worrying about how to book a limo service, it is very easy. You don’t have to wait until you get there to book it because that would mean further waiting around.All you have to do is search for some limo companies that are located at your destination, on Google and then pick the best one. If you aren’t sure which is the best one, you should read some reviews about each company.Once you have picked the best limo company, you can just send them an email to order, or the best ones have order forms on their website. You just fill the form in and wait for them to send you an email confirmation.The whole process is extremely easy. Once you have email confirmation, print it off and take it with you, just in case something goes wrong, but limo companies are very professional. They will definitely be there waiting for you when you arrive.If you have a bankcard, you will be able to pay for the service before you even leave home. Therefore, all you need to worry about, when you arrive is tipping the driver.Your Limo driver should make the whole experience comfortable for you. They know that you have been travelling for a long time, so they should leave you to relax during the journey. If you want to chat to them, then you should lower the privacy window and chat. If not, then you are will within your rights to use the privacy window and have a rest during the journey.HotelOnce you arrive at the hotel, if they don’t know that you are on your honeymoon, you should tell them. This is because they will try and get you in a better room, to make your trip special.However, when you booked your holiday, your travel agent should have known that you are going to be on your honeymoon and booked you in the honeymoon suite anyway.If the suite was already taken at the time of booking, then it is worth mentioning to the concierge, that you are on your honeymoon. If the suite is taken, they might upgrade you to a better room, just not the one that you originally wanted.

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